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About Siri Healthcare

Siri Healthcare, is committed to providing a personal and professional service where we have time to listen to your needs and provide options and recommendations just for you. We see all our patients face to face and carry out thorough health checks and physical examinations before diagnosing and prescribing where necessary and giving advice. Every patient is treated holistically and followed up free of charge after leaving. We believe that everyone should be able to access healthcare when needed without having to wait long for appointments.

Siri Healthcare offers a number of different services.

About Enoka

Enoka, a devoted wife and a mother of 2 children, has over 15 years’ experience in serving the community as a pharmacist, a prescribing pharmacist at a GP surgery in an NHS setting and prescribing for various online private clinics. She is a mentor for Medlrn where she is involved in upskilling and helping the development of the next generation of pharmacists to reach their best potential. She has had the privilege of working alongside some exceptional doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals in the UK as well as abroad and having them as mentors who developed her and helped her become the healthcare professional she is today. All of this has led her to Siri Healthcare where you, the patient, is at the heart of everything she does, helping you feel your best.

About Siri Healthcare and Enoka
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