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Minor Infections Service In Lewisham

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Tired of waiting for a doctor’s appointment?

Book a private appointment at your convenience, receive a diagnosis and pick up your prescription on the way out…
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We Examine, Diagnose & Treat

for the following conditions in just 30 minutes...
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    Ear Infections

    We’ll check for allergies, colds, sinus infections and more...
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    We’ll check for viral and bacterial infections...
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    Urine Infections

    We’ll check for cystitis, urethritis and kidney infection...
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    Chest Infections

    We’ll check for viral or bacteria related causes...
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    Skin Infections

    We’ll check for bacterial, viral, fungal & parasitical causes…
Please read the FAQ's below for a full breakdown of the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still pay for the prescription?

Yes, as it is a private prescription you’ll pay a private prescription charge at the pharmacy when it is dispensed.

What if I need a repeat prescription?

You will be able to get a repeat prescription directly from the dispensing chemist.

When can I pick up my prescription?

We are at the rear of Nightingale Pharmacy so you can pick up prescriptions directly after your consultation once they have been prepared for you.

Why is it important that I see a clinician face-to-face for a minor infection?

Our clinicians carry out thorough physical examinations and measure your vitals to make sure that all is well and to reach an accurate diagnosis.

Would I be able to request a repeat prescription?

Our services are mainly for busy people, just like you, who need to be seen without having to wait for weeks for a GP appointment. The prescriptions issued are therefore for one off treatments.

I am exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions, so will this cover the prescription charge?

As this is a private service, the prescriptions issued are also private, therefore you will have to pay for the medication.

Will my GP be informed of the visit?

For your safety and continuation of care we will let your GP know of the outcome of the visit. If you do not wish for us to do so, please tell us when we see you.

Minor Infections Gallery

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