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Improve your energy, metabolism, immune system and focus with Prescribed Vitamin B12 Injections

Prescription B12 Injections ensure that you are receiving the correct dosage at the right intervals for your body.
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Prescription Vitamin B12 Injections In 3 Simple Steps

Blood tests available if required
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    We’ll assess you and recommend a course of injections to bring your B12 levels to the recommended level for you. *
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* During your initial consultation you will complete a questionnaire to assess your suitability. If required, we will provide a blood test for an additional fee.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 Injections

Our bodies require vitamins which mostly come from our diets. Diets can be complicated to balance and processed foods can make this even more challenging.

If we are in deficit, health problems can result.

Injections can bring more immediate health benefits and get us on the right track.

Further down the page we cover how often you may need Vitamin B12 injections, but first, here are the major benefits that Vitamin B12 offer…

Increased Levels Of Energy & Concentration

Vitamin B12 helps your body to generate the red blood cells that oxygenate us. This results in us feeling less tired, feeling higher levels of energy to cope with the world and improves concentration which helps us in our relationships and professional lives.

Helps With Mental Health & Depression

Studies have shown that a deficiency in B12 can result in neurological and psychiatric problems. These can manifest themselves as being irritable, mood swings, depression and memory loss.

Group studies have shown that B12 supplementation significantly improved these symptoms.

Improves Metabolism & Encourages Weight Loss

A deficiency in Vitamin B12 causes anaemia.

Anaemia reduces the body's efficiency of converting fats and proteins into energy.

Once vitamin B12 balance is restored your body functions efficiently in this area and good diet and exercise more readily results in weight loss.

Boosts Your Immune System

s well as boosting red blood cell production, vitamin B12 also boosts white cell production. These cells fight infection and keep your immune system strong. So if you are susceptible to coughs, colds and allergies, you may need a B12 shot to help build your natural resistance.

Helps Your Sleep Patterns

An amino acid called Trytophan is responsible for making us drowsy and falling asleep. Vitamin B12 controls the production of this in our bodies. If that production becomes faulty, our sleep patterns become disrupted and we don’t function properly.

Vitamin B12 injections can bring the production of Trytophan back under control as well as your sleeping patterns.

Hair Loss In Men

While a vitamin B12 deficiency will not always be the cause of hair loss in men, it can be a factor, and is one that is often overlooked.

If cells are not metabolised efficiently, normal hair growth becomes a problem.

How Often Will I Need A Vitamin B12 Injection 

B12 injections are highly recommended for those with a deficiency.

Of course, with a change in diet that could change.

However, some people may have a condition that prevents them from absorbing B12. If this is the case you may need regular top ups.

At your consultation we will evaluate you and advise on all your options.

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