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Chemical Skin Peels

Improve your skin texture and tone and reduce the effect of wrinkles...
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For clearer and more youthful skin
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Please read the FAQ's below for a full breakdown of the service.

What are chemical skin peels?

Chemical skin peels come in various strengths but share the same aim; to remove dead skin cells from the face and stimulate the growth of new cells.

At Siri Healthcare we offer three types of chemical skin peel. At your initial appointment we will evaluate your skin, discuss your goals and make a recommendation that is right for you.

Glycolic Acid Peel (Mild Strength)

This mild skin peel will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as enlarging pores and channel energy into sluggish skin.

Glycolic Acid Peel Pricing

Initial treatment | 45 minutes | £60
Follow up treatments | 30 minutes | £60
Course of six (10% discount) | £324

Lactic Acid Peel - 35% (Moderate Strength)

This chemical peel is suited to most skin types and is ideal for anti aging. Your skin will be exfoliated and the gel based substance will mean there is no downtime.

Lactic Acid Peel Pricing

Initial treatment | 45 minutes | £80
Follow up treatments | 30 minutes | £80
Course of six (10% discount) | £432

MandeliClear Peel (High Strength)

This deeper chemical peel is designed to combat post-inflammatory skin pigmentation issues caused by acne, melasma or photo damage.

* Note that the initial appointment for this treatment is 1 hour in which we prescribe the preparation cream.

There is a four week gap between each peel.

MandeliClear Peel Pricing

Preparation cream to be taken for one month | £95
Initial treatment | 45 minutes | £150
Follow up treatments | 30 minutes | £150
Course of three + preparation cream (10% discount) | £490

How do chemical peels work?

Chemical peels work by raising the acidity of the skin thus loosening the bond between dead skin and healthy new skin.

With the loosening of that bond, your skin is exfoliated revealing a healthy and more youthful glow.

What should I expect and how long will my chemical peel last?

Immediately after the peel your skin will feel tight and may redden.

Visible peeling, if noticeable, can be easily controlled with a moisturiser.

Peeling usually lasts 3-5 days depending on the treatment received.

A mild people can last up to two months while a stronger peel can last up to six months and a deep peel can last forever.

Treatment Summary


Treatment Time

First appointment with treatment is 45 minutes with follow up treatments taking 30 minutes. * Except MandeliClear Peel

No. Of Visits

We recommend a course of 6 treatments.

Results Show

Treated areas will take 2 weeks to develop new skin and effects will last as long as you continue with the course.


Initial Appointment & Treatment
Follow Up Treatments
6 Treatment Package

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I needed a last minute appointment and I spoke to the lovely Enoka, at the appointment she was very lovely funny made me feel comfortable, she informed me on all the options I had. I took the Yellow fever, Typhoid vaccine and Malaria tablets, it was quick fast and very efficient, I will be recommending her to others I hope to see her soon.
Colin Makasi
Colin Makasi
11:44 28 Jun 24
Really nice and wonderful, was able to give me my vaccine and help me with any other tips. Would recommend!!
Jeffron Bentum
Jeffron Bentum
13:06 22 Jun 24
After struggling to get an appointment for a blood draw from local GP or pharmacy’s in the area. Based on a pharmacists’ recommendation, I called Siri Healthcare and got an appointment immediately. Had a great experience during my visit and was able to get my blood test sent off on a Saturday morning thanks to her!With the access to private clinic blood tests there are surprisingly few professionals to perform the blood draw in the area. Thankfully Siri Healthcare was able to help
Martin Shivnen
Martin Shivnen
13:04 22 Jun 24
Highly recommend Siri Healthcare, Enoka provides an excellent and professional service everytime, thank you!
Kirsty Elftesi
Kirsty Elftesi
12:13 03 Feb 24
Enoka was very welcoming and engaging.I introduced my brother to her the following week to get his vaccination.5 stars for you Enoka ☺️
Valerie Banton
Valerie Banton
22:37 05 Nov 23
Lovely doctor. Had travel jabs easily and pain-free
Enoka was very professional and patient. I used her service when I needed to do vaccinations before travelling abroad and I highly recommend her.
Reut Klein
Reut Klein
08:53 17 Sep 23
Excellent service, Enoka was very professional, cleared out my blocked up ear quickly and with no fuss, would highly recommend
Enoka had the patience to explain details of my request, its advantages & disadvantages. She didn’t rush me an advise me on what to do. I was really frustrated & stressed, but with her help & support, I was able to achieve my goal same day.
Lucy Melfah
Lucy Melfah
18:38 04 Aug 23
Great experience. Friendly and professional services.
Andreea Bordeianu
Andreea Bordeianu
08:37 01 Aug 23

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