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Naturally Regenerate Fresh & Youthful Skin

A non-surgical aesthetic treatment that naturally restores skin tone and quality.
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What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is an innovative and effective aesthetic treatment for:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scarring, scar reduction & large pores
  • Skin rejuvenation (anti-ageing)
  • Stretch marks & reduced skin elasticity
  • Uneven skin tone & texture

As qualified medical professionals, we are able to use the enhanced 'Exceed Microneedling System', the UK's first MHRA approved device, which delivers deeper skin penetration and better results.

How does Microneedling work?

As the name suggests, hundreds of tiny needles are puncturing your skin to create micro-injuries which result in your body naturally generating collagen and elastin as a repair mechanism.

This helps generate new skin that is plumper, more elastic and youthful.

This is also the perfect opportunity for your skin to be more receptive to the following complimentary treatments that we offer:

Is Microneedling painful?

Prior to your treatment we apply a local anaesthetic cream that makes the treatment as comfortable as possible.

After just 24 hours the healing process for Microneedling but you can return to work immediately afterwards although you may experience some skin irritation.

You must not wear makeup within 24 hours of the treatment.

How long does it last?

Expect Microneedling to last three to five months depending upon the your treatment. Some treatments such as scar reduction have permanent results.

Microneedling Pre & Post Care

We email you pre and post care information which needs to be followed to achieve your best results.

Treatment Summary


Treatment Time

Each treatment takes 90 minutes.

No. Of Visits

Each treatment will be effective for 4-6 months after which time a follow up can be booked.

Results Show

Results will show within 3 days with no downtime.


Initial Appointment & Treatment
Follow Up Treatments
6 Treatment Package

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Reviews From Our Clients

Who have enjoyed our efficient & friendly service

Highly recommend Siri Healthcare, Enoka provides an excellent and professional service everytime, thank you!
Kirsty Elftesi
Kirsty Elftesi
12:13 03 Feb 24
Enoka was very welcoming and engaging.I introduced my brother to her the following week to get his vaccination.5 stars for you Enoka ☺️
Valerie Banton
Valerie Banton
22:37 05 Nov 23
Lovely doctor. Had travel jabs easily and pain-free
Enoka was very professional and patient. I used her service when I needed to do vaccinations before travelling abroad and I highly recommend her.
Reut Klein
Reut Klein
08:53 17 Sep 23
Excellent service, Enoka was very professional, cleared out my blocked up ear quickly and with no fuss, would highly recommend
Enoka had the patience to explain details of my request, its advantages & disadvantages. She didn’t rush me an advise me on what to do. I was really frustrated & stressed, but with her help & support, I was able to achieve my goal same day.
Lucy Melfah
Lucy Melfah
18:38 04 Aug 23
Great experience. Friendly and professional services.
Andreea Bordeianu
Andreea Bordeianu
08:37 01 Aug 23
It was service with a smile! I contacted Siri health service early Saturday morning and received a response about an hour later and confirmed appointment soon after. Enoka was very thorough with her checks and questions I’m so glad I came upon her services and I will definitely be going back instead of waiting for a GP appointment.
Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen
18:47 14 Jun 23
Amazing service! Super helpful and informative travel vaccination appointment. She even gave me recommendations for my holiday. Thanks so much
18:41 03 Jun 23
Great service, good price. Thank you,Saaj
Siraaj Ahmed
Siraaj Ahmed
10:27 15 May 23

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 Microneedling In Lewisham

Registered Prescribing Pharmacist
We understand that taking the first steps with any treatment is a big decision.

I'd just like to reassure you that every client is dealt with respectfully, transparently and with care.

If you'd like to arrange a call before coming in, please visit our contact page and I'll arrange a time to talk to you over the phone.
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