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About Your Cholera Vaccination

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Time To Take Effect *

We recommend waiting to travel a minimum of 1 week before first dose to travel. Completing the course is recommended for full protection.

Covered For

A full course will cover you for 2 years after which time boosters are required.

Doses Per Course

The vaccine is taken as a drink over 2 courses that are 1-6 weeks apart.

Side Effects

Temporary side effects include fever, headache and digestive problems.

Appointment Duration

Your first appointment will take 15 minutes, Follow ups are 10 minutes.

Suitable For

Vaccinations are suitable for ages 2 and over.
* We can vaccinate you nearer to the time of travel, but this will increase your chances of contracting the disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Not Suited To A Cholera Vaccine?

For those who have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of a cholera containing vaccine, formaldehyde or any components of the vaccine. Vaccination should be delayed in individuals suffering from acute gastro-intestinal illness

What is Cholera?

Cholera is a diarrhoeal infection caused by drinking water or eating food contaminated with the Vibrio Cholerae bacteria.

In severe cases rapid treatment is required with intravenous drips and antibiotics.

What are the symptoms of Cholera?

  • Severe watery diarrhoea with 12 hours and up to 5 days after ingesting contaminated food or water.
  • Cholera affects children and adults and can kill within hours if left untreated.

Minimise exposure to Cholera by boiling water before drinking and being in control of what you eat.

Where can I get Cholera?

Cholera is prominent in regions with a poor sanitation and cholera epidemics often occur in the aftermath of war and natural disaster.

As Cholera outbreaks are not limited to certain countries, you should always check if you need a vaccination before travelling.

Side effects of Cholera

Less than 1 in 100 patients experience any side effects such as an upset stomach. Severe reactions to the vaccine are rare.

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